Monday, April 21, 2014

Carnage du Jour - 16 April 2014

My trusty flavour consultant, Christian, has come up with yet another winner. (I'll take some of the credit, as I suggested part of this discovery, although at least partly in jest.)

There had been a pork butt waiting in the fridge for some time, so Heidi popped it in the oven for one of those lovely all-day roastings that end up in pork that doesn't really need to be pulled; it basically pulled itself with the help of mean old Mr. Gravity.
Salt and pepper were the sole seasonings, and it was just delicious.

Christian came over to have dinner: Heidi suggested mashed potatoes, I suggested sandwiches, Christian went for both.
Oh, those sandwiches I suggested were on cinnamon-swirl raisin bread. (I know, bear with me a moment.)
Heidi decided to forgo the sandwich and have her pork on her potatoes. That's always a nice combo, so it's hard to blame her.
Christian and I, however, decided on a mash-up of the two options.

The winning sandwich - and it really is a winner - was the following:
Very lightly toasted raisin bread, smear one slice with mashed potatoes, cover with pulled pork, drizzle with a bit of maple syrup, and close with the other slice of bread.

Please don't think ill of us - this sandwich was simply delicious.
Highly recommended.

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