Wednesday, July 07, 2010

What is Maturity?


Years ago, my good friend, Terry, told me that his definition of maturity is knowing what you won't do. I think that's a pretty good (and simple, easy to apply) definition.

It focuses, though, on the end result, not on the process that gets one there. Maturing and maturity are clearly related, but their definitions don't necessarily line up quite so easily.

All of us have different roles we play.
Perhaps they can be described simply: I'm a son, a brother, and a father. There may be more to it - we may seem (even to ourselves) to be a different person in each of several different arenas, such as work, home, school, various social settings, etc.
At any rate, I think real maturity and maturing consist of:
  • realising that these different roles or personae exist,
  • noting that there are parts of each that differ significantly to the others,
  • seeing that there are good and bad aspects to each of the personae, and
  • moving to integrate the best parts of each mode of behaviour into a single persona.
This, it seems to me, is a pretty good way of analysing one's level of maturity. If there are still different modes of behaviour, based on the situation, then it is quite difficult to say that one knows what one won't do. If, however, the best parts of all the roles one has taken can be combined - be integrated - into a single self, then one may well be able to say he is (at least) maturing.


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

My current favourite colour

is Orange!
Go you crazy Dutchmen, Go!

Who would have expected an all-European cup final? Not this writer. (I was expecting a US v Brasil finale down in South Africa, but - apparently - that is not to be.)

Still, with no Yanks and no Red Devils, who could ask for a more entertaining and skillful side than the Dutch have turned out to be? A great run from these guys - especially Wesley Sneijder.