Friday, February 19, 2010

Lake Louise Poem - 2010

It hardly seems fair to keep this off the interwebs, so here is the offering from this year's SRB (Substitute Retreat Bard). Please enjoy responsibly.

The Clock
The Clock
Time is out of Joint.
Yes: at Lake Louise,
Time flies
Time flies like an arrow
[but fruit flies like a banana].

Yes, time flies at Lake Louise,
it flies and creates memories here
where Twenty Ten means Twenty-One,
and those memories are filled with
faces and stories and names.

Books and Naps,
Fire and Snow,
Music and Games.

Baubie, Beckius, Blunden,
Cobau, Caldare, DeWitt
Dixon, Driscoll, Dietz.

Tables of puzzles,
Tables of snacks,
Tables of logarithms.

Leach, Martin, Makos,
Morency, Norris, Pullen,
Richardson, Rossbach.

Ping-Pong and Foosball,
Retreaters Lost and Found,
Tether Ball and the Liberty Bell.

Sancya, Sicklesteel, Stelma
Stowell, Sullivan, Thomas,
van Becelaere, Van de Putte.

Time is out of Joint
Time flies at Lake Louise
The Clock
The Clock
The Calendar
Time is out of Joint.