Friday, August 02, 2013

Carnage du Jour - 01 August 13 (A Taste of Alaska)

Yes, a taste of Alaska. After all, we've been home so long that it was definitely time to remind ourselves just how good the food was there.

Well well well, no halibut, eh? I suppose a nice bit of wild-caught sockeye salmon will have to do. And quite nicely it did!

With fish that fresh and flavourful, there's really not much reason to season much, so all it got was a bit of salt and freshly-ground pepper along with a nice chop of lemon thyme from the driveway.
Into the hot skillet to sear, then back on its skin and then covered with a bit of vermouth (bianco) to give it a little more herbaceous moistness.

Oh dear, it was quite wonderful, along with the roasted poblano mac and cheese and a salad of fresh greens and such.

Quite a nice reminder of Alaska, but now I have to find a source for halibut.