Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Carnage du Jour - 08 April 2014

It was a decidedly Alaskan dinner on the 8th.
No, there was no salmon involved, nor halibut, nor caribou, nor even muskox.
No, it was none of those, but rather an attempt - and quite a successful one - to replicate the steak bites at Brewster's in Fairbanks.

Heidi managed a very tasty marinade and then a sauce by mixing Hoisin, Worcestershire, Soy, and Szechuan stir-fry sauces, then adding a bit of sesame oil to add just that special note that it always brings.
Given that the original was fairly secret, apart from its base being Alaskan Amber (what a delicious beer, and what a shame it's not available in Michigan yet), the flavour profile (and aroma) was spot on to this reporter's recollection.

Next up, we'll have to beer batter some fresh halibut!


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