Monday, January 24, 2011

A Christmas Carol (Yes, I know it's January)


Likely we've all seen multiple film versions of the holiday classic, from Mister Magoo to Bill Murray to the Muppets.  I know I have seen all of those and many more. I wondered, though, what was in the Dickens original, and what was the fancy of various filmmakers.
What to do?  Aha!  Read the book! and so I did.

Frankly, it was a good read.  It's not terribly long, and it's not so Dickensian as to put off those who fled from both of the Cities in that Tale.

I was pleased to find just how true to the original most of the films have been (Muppets included), and to find a (very) few scenes which hadn't made it to any screen I've viewed.

It's available all over the place, (including free versions at Project Gutenberg) so I think - in spite of the calendar - that you'd be well served to find it and read it.