Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Slowly I turn ...


That's right, I was just at Niagara Falls, and I have something very odd to report.

There are strange electrical phenomena there in the land of Tesla, that's for sure.

Those of you who know me personally will be shocked - shocked, I say! - to discover that my hair was forced to stand on end by the relentless electrostatic pressure of that mighty cataract.
(Heidi's hair was similarly affected, but clearly it's less difficult to believe - or picture - in her case.)

Not only was our hair affected, but the batteries in our camera were drained beyond reason, and our mobile phones lost 3G connexion - and thus picture messaging functions - while near the falls.

Clearly there is something extraordinary going on at Niagara Falls, something that neither government seems willing even to acknowledge!  Signs are plenteous along the Falls, warning of strange men climbing over the walls and fences to attack (or perhaps warning tourists not to climb over those walls, they were a bit ambiguous, really), but there were no High Voltage warning signs to be found.

This is likely a bigger cover-up than Area 51, but with some help from others out here on the interwebs, we're hoping to blow it wide open.