Monday, March 24, 2014

Where there's smoke ...

there's flavour.

Here's an interesting tidbit for you.
I was slow-roasting a pork butt for pulled pork a couple weeks ago, and thought of that bottle of liquid smoke in the refrigerator. "Why not?" I thought, and so I did.
Under the pork I put a layer of carrots and then a liberal dousing of the liquid smoke (with real hickory goodness! or words to that effect).
After five hours at 250F, the pork was delicious - it fell apart with almost no effort. As an added bonus, though, the carrots had soaked in pork juices and liquid smoke, and were also quite wonderful.

I had always hesitated to use that stuff, but I'll be grabbing the liquid smoke again, that's for sure. Perhaps a smoke-poached bit of something would be nice, eh?
That's what's my current thought. Stay tuned for results.