Thursday, September 22, 2005

What a trip!

Well, we just got back from our huge trip to Newfoundland which took us through Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Manitoba, Ontario, and back to Michigan. Oh, somehow we missed Newfoundland - perhaps it was the $5 and $6 gallons of gasoline? perhaps it was the $100+ ferry rides to and from the island? I pity the poor folks who count on tourism for their livelihoods these days, it can't be an easy time for them.
Still, we found Voyageurs National Park quite spectacular, even without a boat, and the Thunder Bay / Lake Nipigon region is still wonderful, and the Fall colours were in full swing, let me tell you. Bizarrely, once across the bridge into the UP, the colors went back to green, as if a switch had been turned, or a time zone crossed (no thanks to Rogers wireless - grr! the bane of my cell phone existence, at least as far as the time was concerned. Since when is Thunder Bay in the Mountain Time Zone? No one there seemed to think they were, as evidenced by the time checks on the Giant (, but my phone resolutely pronounced a time off by 2 hours, despite being reset twice! Once we were near the Sault, however, things were back to Eastern Time, and all was well with the world.
I suppose I'll put pictures up somewhere, but man, that's good gouda up there, and amethyst to die for. Who knew that a Sleeping Giant and a quacking duck could coax a hydrophobic dog (no, not rabid) into the bay of Lake Superior? Not we, at least not until we saw it with our own, startled eyes!
OK, enough for right now, I just wanted to get back to a little blogging after my total withdrawal from the virtual world into the real (natural) one. More to come, eh.