Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Periphery

That’s where the Inn at Bethlehem really stands.
Rather, that’s where the Innkeeper stands:
     We find him never in the Bible, but
     always in our pageants.
It’s there, with him, that we can stay and watch.
Not quite taking part, but
     unable to leave such a scene – such a tale.
We, like the Innkeeper, watch and wonder:

     Who has come to stay with us?
     How are we to greet Him?

The One who made us now joins us:
He lives with us
     to die for us
     to live in us
     that we might live.

That visitor, that Child, that Savior, that King

Calls us away from the periphery.
Calls us to Himself.
Calls us to be loved, to live, to love.