Friday, March 31, 2006

Perhaps I Just Don't Speak English Well Enough

I'm afraid I'm having trouble understanding some of the news reports lately.
It seems that I don't quite know the correct usage of some of the basic terms in our current immigration debate.
Somehow, people are up in arms at the thought if making it criminal to do something that's against the law (or "illegal" as we often say).
Hmm. Seems to me that if you break a law - I'm not talking about a civil infraction, such as a traffic ticket (and only some of them) - then you've done something criminal. Perhaps there are some fine distinctions of which I'm unaware. For example, is it only felons who are criminals? I don't remember reading that anywhere, but I suppose it could be the case.
Still, I don't think that's the distinction anyone is "honestly" making in this debate. Somehow, those who want immigrants to "play by the rules" (that's a nice way of saying "obey the law" in my book) are evil Blue Meanies who are bent on creating a new class of criminals out of whole cloth.
It seems more likely that those on the other side are attempting to end the crime of illegal immigration by defining it away. "Oh, it's no longer illegal to do that; and look - our crime rate has gone down dramatically!" What nonsense.