Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vegage du Jour - 19 December 2010

from grandteuton.blogspot.com

As you likely know, I'm not a vegetarian - of course, my sister displayed vegan tendencies by driving a Vega in high school.  Still, I enjoy a good veg as much as the next guy, and make it a protein-bearing grain and/or legume, and I'm all over it - as long as it tastes good.

So, for a Christmas party, I made up a big batch of my quinoa and chick-pea stuff (I guess I need to come up with a decent name for this dish), and it was quite a hit - especially with me.

Four cups of red quinoa was brought to a boil in eight cups of home-made vegetable stock (asparagus, onions, and mushrooms were the base) and then simmered about fifteen minutes.
As that time ended, I drained, rinsed, and dried two cans of chickpeas and tossed them with some ground cumin, some white pepper, and some summer savory.  Into a large skillet of fairly hot olive oil they went, where they got just a bit of crispness.
Next, in went a bunch of sliced scallions (not enough of them, as it eventuated), and once they were nice and a bit browned, in went the quinoa.

All of it then went into a crock pot for transport and serving (and keeping warm, of course).  There you have it - gluten-free, dairy-free, meat-free and yet delicious.  Give it a shot - it's quite tasty.