Monday, February 22, 2016

Pescage du Jour - 17 February 2016

What's so special about a Blue Plate Special?

That, of course, depends upon the specifics. In this instance we're considering that revered combination of salmon patties and spaghetti, and that actually can be something special.

When I got home from work, Heidi informed me of the selection for that evening's meal - my only task was to create the patties. After opening a brace of cans of salmon, finding the panko (it was right in front of me, of course, that's why it took so long to find it), getting the horseradish sauce, lime juice, and so forth, it was only a matter of minutes to create a tasty blend of meat, flavours, and binder which was ready to become nice crispy patties.

The spaghetti went into the pasta pot, the sauce had already been created and was heating nicely on the back burner, and so it was time to fry those patties. (Perhaps sauté is more correct, but since I was going for crispy, I think it really was fry.)

Once the pasta was done and drained, the patties were removed from the warm oven where they had rested after being taken from the skillet. Noodles and sauce went down first, then a couple patties, then another splash of sauce and a dusting of shredded cheese (a blend of parmesan, romano, and asiago) and we were good to go.

Oh, and so was the meal - tasty as always, and all thanks to Heidi's announcing her craving.

Delicious and highly recommended.