Saturday, August 30, 2008

Interesting Race, Now

Well, who'd have thought that John McCain would worry enough about the conservative base of the Republican Party to bother to appease them? After all, isn't he the original maverick? (I thought that was James Garner, or someone.)
Anyway, I think his choice of Governor Palin (no, not Michael Palin) was an excellent choice. Not only does she have the only executive experience in the race - both as Mayor and Governor - but she's also been involved in a real business operation, and has a husband who actually works for a living doing real work. At last an outsider who's really an outsider, but might be able to speak for regular folks.

I don't know how the debates will play out, although I think Biden won't be able to resist being a complete jerk - and be seen as one, but I know this was about the only way McCain could have gotten me to throw my vote away to the Libertarians (or some such pseudo-party), and he didn't.

Maybe I don't have to fear for my Constitutional rights after all - not even the ones McCain jumped on with his "campaign reform" legislation. As long as we avoid an Obamanation in Washington, it looks as though citizens will retain their rights and responsibilities, and perhaps even some of their money. Obama's statement regarding lowering taxes on 95% of us notwithstanding, there's no way anything he plans can happen without either taking all the money there is from everyone above the poverty line, or causing a massive Depression by spending twice as much money as there is in the whole country.

As regards Biden (I know you're all wondering about my opinion of him), it matters not a bit how much experience one has when one is completely wrong about everything - and that's Biden's position, wrong on everything.

What a garish display of cognitive dissonance or outright prevarication - this is the only country in the world where I could have worked my way up from nothing to being better than you, but you can't do it unless I take over and "help" you.

"I'm from the government, and I'm here to help you," ought to frighten the living whatever out of anyone with at least half a brain and a modicum of sense. Sadly, it may not.