Saturday, July 30, 2016

Joyage du Jour - 16 July 2016

I realise that I waited a fairly long while to post this, but I wanted to have a bit of perspective before essaying the topic.

Happily, perspective seems not to have changed much of anything here. Joy is the weakest word that will remotely touch the experience.
You see, Christian - yes, my flavour consultant of many a carnage noted here - got married, and it was a wonderful day.

The rehearsal dinner was fabulous, what with mussels, Belgian beers, and feather bowling at the Cadieux Café.
The ceremony was perfect - personal and real in the beautiful sanctuary of Grosse Pointe United Methodist Church.
The bride was beautiful, of course. Not that she needed bridality to be beautiful, mind you - Dana is a beautiful woman in any way you care to imagine.
The reception was as much fun as can be had, what with friends, family, new family, new friends, food, dancing, music, photography, and whatever else could be needed or wanted.

The best part is that we now have a daughter, and we love her.
We have a son, and we love him.
We have them both, and we love them each, but even better, we love them together.

Marriage is a wonderful thing - a dream within a dream.

God sure can design and ordain spectacular stuff!