Saturday, May 02, 2009

Coinage du Jour - 02 May 09

1. To signal intent to an otherwise oblivious person using standard pieces of lumber; the act of such signaling.
2. To communicate across significant distance by waving large brass instruments in predefined patterns; that set of predefined patterns or signals.

Sample: "I got Bubba's attention by slappin' him up-side the head with a tubaphore."

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bloody Commies

So, just as they're "saving" Chrysler as an American car company by forcing it into bankruptcy and domination by an Italian "car" company, our Constitutionally deaf federal government is fast tracking its way into taking over our health care.

For a bunch of politicians who are desperately "pro-choice" in certain areas, they seem totally unaware of the value of choice in others. I'm certainly not thrilled with the prospect of finding myself in the same kind of situation our Canadian friends have occupied for years, but without a free country next door where I can turn while the government-run "health care" system spins its wheels while consigning me to a slow death by neglect.

As I said in the title, bloody Commies.