Thursday, August 27, 2009

Carnage du Jour - 24 August 09

Wow -
I asked Jon whether he thought the Norwegian Salmon were worth the extra cost per pound, and he answered from experience. In essence, he told me that he didn't really believe it until he tried it himself, and it's a whole different kind of salmon.
Apparently these salmon are fed in such a way to have double or triple the fat content of our domestic farm-raised types. This lends a roundness and buttery mouth feel - basically, theses are Kobe Salmon, but instead of sake, they get akvavit. (OK, I just made up that last part.)

At any rate, a quick bake / braise with a few herbs and a bit of olive oil later, and I was a convert as well. Delicious with some sour cream-laced mashed potatoes and buttery green beans. (No, not haricots verts - these were good old American green beans.)