Thursday, May 10, 2007

Slowly Choking to Death

That's right - I finally have an environmental threat of my own to flog, and I think it may even be real (imagine that, if you can).

You're probably aware that the EPA has managed to get CO2 classified as a pollutant which they can regulate. You're also probably aware that, while animals (in general) respire by taking in oxygen and releasing CO2, the opposite is true for plants (again in general).
"So what?" I'm sure many of you are asking. "So this," is my reply:
By reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, we'll be preventing plant respiration. By preventing plant respiration, we'll be reducing the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere, thus preventing animal respiration.
This is no slippery slope argument, this is a self-reinforcing endless loop of un(?)intended consequences. By slowing our production of CO2, we're not only dooming ourselves to suffocate, we're dooming plant life as well.

That's right, the EPA is killing the Rainforests! They must be stopped!