Friday, May 03, 2013

Summer is nearly upon us

That means it's nearly Summer reading time, so why not take a quick tour of my Amazon page?

Charlie van Becelaere's Amazon Author Page

There are delightful books there for your consideration, and who knows? perhaps you'll do a bit more shopping on Amazon once you're there. I know it's a terrible temptation for me.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Carnage du Jour - 27 Apr 2013

Another beautiful day in the neighbourhood, so back to the grill, eh?

We had a nice porterhouse steak waiting for the flames, but what should accompany it?
Well, there were a couple sweet potatoes in the cellar, and a nice head of radicchio in the fridge, so out they came.

While the fire got ready for cooking, I peeled the sweet potatoes gave them a bit of a head start in the microwave. They were halved lengthwise to present a nice surface for some flame-induced caramelization. Oh, fear not, I didn't leave them on their own in this endeavour - I created a nice maple chipotle butter as a glaze.
As to the radicchio, I simply halved the head and let it drink in a bit of nice Italian dressing as they waited their turn on the fire.

Everything actually finished at the same time (thanks to my microwave head-start trick), and one of nicest comments I can imagine was Heidi's "I can't decide which of the three I like the best."
In fact, I found myself in much the same quandary - and if I'm going to be in a quandary, that's one of the nicest ones I can imagine.

Yes, maple chipotle butter: highly recommended.