Monday, July 18, 2011

Carnage du Jour - 16 July 2011


It's been too hot to consider much in the way of cooking, really. Still, there were some left-over chicken thighs (made with a smoky citrus rub and roasted / semi-braised with some orange juice) in the fridge, so that seemed the logical starting point.
Pasta salad is always a good way to go when it's too hot to cook, but one is still hungry, so:
  • A pot of small-ish shells was boiled and cooled
  • Some aromatics were diced - onion, green pepper, and celery
  • A few cherry tomatoes were sliced (generally into 3, sometimes 4 slices)
  • Three chicken thighs were stripped and diced.
Now to dress the salad. Ranch dressing is a nice base for a pasta salad dressing, and I had just purchased a jar of jerk seasoning - a quick few squirts, a spoonful or two, a bit of mixing, and - voila! - a jerk ranch dressing that was quite tasty.

All in all, it was good enough to just grab a bite or two from the fridge the next day. Highly recommended to all and sundry.