Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vegage du Jour - 25 November 2010


Yes, the turkey was great as usual (glazed with a mixture of maple syrup and Bourbon), but this year the cooking highlight was the green bean casserole! (At least it was for me, as it was a dairy- and gluten- free version we made up.)

The normal mushroom soup mode wasn't going to work, so what to do?  I had used a can of mushroom stems and pieces for something a while ago when we had run out of fresh (?!) shrooms, so that was in my head already.  Here's the way it went:
  • Take two cans of mushroom stems and pieces and bring them to a boil in a saucepan - with all that good juice that comes in the cans, nothing else.  OK, it actually took some salt and freshly ground pepper, but those don't really count, right Claire?
  • Now thicken that with a nice slurry of corn starch and cold water.
  • Once it's nice and thick - looking much like the stuff from the can - add in about 2/3 C of Tofutti "sour cream" and stir it all together.
  • That gets added to the drained cans of green beans and cooked for a long time in a crock pot.  (that was largely because we didn't have room in the oven thanks to turkey and dressings).
  • Stirring in some of the french-fried onions adds flavour and texture, and then you can top them with the rest of the can and put it in the oven once the turkey comes out.

That's it - very simple, very easy, very tasty, and good for everyone, not just the lactose-insurgent folks at the table.


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