Friday, June 02, 2017

Carnage du Jour - 28 May 2017

This will be a huge departure for me - dessert.

That's right, I'm actually going to recommend a dessert here.

Over the years our family has often enjoyed a very simple dessert of angel food cake and strawberry cream. That's what I'm going to suggest here, but with a twist.

The strawberry cream is simply a blend of whipped cream and (thawed) frozen strawberries in their juicy/syrupy stuff. Just thaw them and stir into whipped cream until it seems like the right proportion for you, add a dollop onto the cake and enjoy.

Now for the upgrade.

First, fire up the grill.
Next, slice the cake into serving-sized pieces.
Then simply spray a little cooking spray on the cake (that's just so it doesn't stick) and drop it on the grill.
Turn it to the other cut (and sprayed) side once you have nice grill marks on the first side, and remove when both of them look nice and toasty.

That's it. Remove from the grill, place on a plate, pop some strawberry cream on that cake, and enjoy.

It's actually wonderful - the cake almost tastes like a toasted marshmallow.

Highly recommended,

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