Monday, June 17, 2013

Reading Really Is Fundamental

Yes, I know I neglected to capitalize the U and the N, but that's because I really want to make the point that it's more than fun, it really is fundamental to education and thinking in general.

I received this email in the last few days from the Trinity Forum on the subject, and it really does capture a lot of my thinking on the subject.

Sure, I'm hoping you all read my blog posts, but I'd much rather you read my books, or even some real classics. Go grab a book that's long, and that will make you work at it a bit. See if you can stretch your attention span (even better, stretch your concentration span!) to what they were pre-Sesame Street.

Need some suggestions? Watch this space in the next few days; I'll be compiling my suggested reading lists from past posts, and I'll put them here, along with some comments as to why they might deserve your time and attention.


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