Saturday, December 18, 2010

Carnage du Jour - 17 December 2010


Pork chops are a staple around our Cleveland, and it's no wonder, considering how versatile these little guys can be.
This time it was a simple sear and pan-roast operation.  The butterfly chops were liberally salted, peppered and beau monded, then seared quickly in some olive oil.
While they rested on a plate, waiting for the rest of their cooking, into the pan went a large handful of grape tomatoes which popped nicely (although not nearly as dramatically as slow-motion popcorn!) in the pan.  Then some jalapeno stuffed olives, some kalamata olives, and some nice pickled cocktail onions went in, along with just a touch of tomato sauce - which was simply tomatoes from our garden which Heidi had run through the Mouli to keep that lovely garden-fresh flavour.
Back in the pan on top of all that goodness went the chops, along with a drained and rinsed can of cannellini beans.  It was only a few minutes for everything to meld and finish up, then the chops were again removed and some cooked spaghetti was added to the pan and all was finished.

Oh, I forgot to mention the roasted asparagus that accompanied - just simply roasted with a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper - delicious indeed!

So there you have it, or rather, then we had it, and it was a lovely dinner.

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