Friday, October 29, 2010

A Highly Recommended Book


I've recently finished reading an excellent book by James P. Hogan.  I had enjoyed much of his fiction, but this is a non-fiction work, based on his experiences with working scientists in a wide variety of fields.
The title is Kicking the Sacred Cow, and it's out of print, but still available in various e-book formats from Baen Books.  You can find used copies of the printed book, but the prices were a bit steep for my taste, and the ebook experience was actually quite good.

The basic premise of the book is that while science accuses religion of excluding non-standard beliefs, the scientific community deals with scientific heresy in much the way.  It's a fascinating survey of alternate theories in everything from physics and cosmology to medicine and biology.

Very highly recommended. 
No, really - go get this book. 
I'm serious.
Go get it now.


Beth said...

I always like a blog that has some good book suggestions (that I wouldn't think of myself). Unemployment has be rediscovering the joy of getting lost in a good book. If it's educational, that's just a bonus!

Beth said...

That should read "unemployment has ME rediscovering..." This is why I should preview my comments!

Charlie van Becelaere said...

That's a good point, Beth.

When I was "between positions" quite a few years ago I did a lot of reading too. Maybe I'm over-employed right now, as my reading is going much more slowly than it should.

So is my writing, now that I think about it.