Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Reading List Update

OK, I've come up with some additions to the reading list, and they're likely quite familiar to many of you.
You may look at them and say (to yourself, one hopes) that those are just children's books - how can they be worth reading as an adult?
Well, my friends, here are my thoughts on that topic.  It seems to me that the best children's books are those that can be read at any age.  Typically, there is a period in one's life where reading those books (whichever they might be) is beneath one.  With maturity, though, comes a time when those books are once again appropriate.
I think you'll find that you appreciate much more of the stories and the writing than you did when you encountered them as a child, and that you'll have a doubled reading experience - you'll get that nostalgic feeling for when you first read the book, and you'll get the enhanced experience of understanding parts of it for the first time. 

Try it, you'll like it.
Here's the original list, just in case you haven't finished it yet:
Read, learn, and enjoy:

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