Wednesday, May 06, 2009

So Stop It Already!

At last, some empirical evidence that I'm not just imagining it. This recession looks quite a bit like the one in 1981 - back when I was having such a great time finding a job in Detroit - and not really like the Great Depression of the 1930's.

Of course, as long as our president tries to nationalize the entire economy, he'll continue to do two things:
  1. Try to make us believe that we're in the Great Depression's uglier and worse cousin. and
  2. Force us down the path to that uglier and worse cousin by "trying to help" our economy get back on its feet.

Check this article for some excellent commentary and charts. As everyone knows, if it's on a chart, it must be true, but in this case they do actually tell an important story.
[The url is in case you're not getting the link above.]

OK now, folks - just stop taxing and spending and let the economy grow itself out of this recession before you do more real harm.


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